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About the Music Business Degree Program

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The Music Business Program is a course of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music – Music Business Emphasis, which prepares students for a career in the music industry. Music business is an important aspect of the music industry that involves sales, managing, marketing, publishing, manufacturing, reporting, recording and producing, software, arts administration, the entertainment industry and music in telecommunications. Music classes include music theory and harmony, performance, conducting, music history, arranging, music business, music technology, sound recording and reinforcement and advanced sound production. In the area of business, the courses include marketing, sales, accounting, management and software productivity.

The program is affiliated with the National Association of Music Merchants, the International Music Products Association. A highlight of the student’s coursework is the internship experience. The internship affords the student an opportunity to observe and work in the music industry under actual business conditions.

Career opportunities with this degree

  • Agent/managing
  • Sound /recording engineer
  • Live sound production
  • Music products salesperson
  • Music /product marketing
  • Telecommunications
  • Arts administration
  • Studio musician
  • Publishing/manufacturing