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          Early Childhood Family Advocate Certificate

          Certificate: Early Childhood Family Advocate Certificate
          Department: Family Studies and Interior Design
          Degree Level: Undergraduate
          Credit Hours: 15 credit hours
          Delivery Format: Online

          The Early Childhood Family Advocate certificate is designed for those who are employed or interested in early childhood programs as family advocates (such as those found in Head Start programs) and preschool/childcare settings. This certificate will help students understand the healthy development of children, physically socially, emotionally, and intellectually. It will also help students to support healthy family relationships and understand the dynamics that occur between parents and their children. The certificate will help students develop skills that facilitate family life education. Students will learn how to coordinate services and resources in the community and will be able to identify how to promote school readiness for children and encourage family self-advocacy.


          (15 credit hours*)

          FAMS 251 - The Developing Child 0-8
          FAMS 302 - Parent Education
          FAMS 406 - Family Resource Management
          FAMS 476 - Child & Family Home Visitation
          TE 347 - Literacy Methods (2 credit hours)
          PE 247 - Safety, Health & Nutrition (1 credit hour)

          *Courses are subject to change and are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.

          How do I get started? 


          1Request information about the program to learn more.

          2. Prepare to apply by viewing the admission requirements above, or apply now.

          3. Contact 500万彩票网 eCampus with any questions:

          University of Nebraska at Kearney - eCampus
          Phone: 308-865-8927
          Email: ecampus@unk.edu 

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